How To Workout Effectively At Home In 20 Minutes

Hi, I'm Pete Fry - a Movement Specialist from the UK and I’ve been coaching in the fitness industry since 2008.

Training at home can be hit and miss at the best of times - equipment and space is often limited and it can be hard to know exactly what to do to get an effective full body workout.

To work out effectively at home in minimal time you need structure and intensity - structure to ensure you train the whole body in an even and balanced way, and intensity to make sure you're providing your body with enough stimulus to change.

Introducing the high intensity, low equipment home workout program

I've put this program together to take the guess work out of working out at home by providing that structure and intensity with brand new home workouts every week that will help you get a great workout in in just 20 minutes per day.

Here's how it works...

6 brand new workouts every week

Every week I post 6 brand new workouts in the Member's Area, Monday to Saturday.

You don't need much equipment to do the workout - your body weight and a weighted rucksack or pair of dumbbells is all you need.

Each workout takes 20 minutes or less and each one is intense, and part of a full body fitness and conditioning program.

Comprehensive Video Library

Every exercise prescribed in the workouts has a video demonstration. We have over 90 exercises in the exercise library and counting!

Here are some of the exercises you'll be using...

Professionally Programmed Workouts

The workout program is designed to be done Monday - Saturday using Sunday as catch-up day or rest day.

Each day challenges a different muscle group and/or energy system to give your body the best chance to recover and keep your fitness moving forward.

Live Support

As a Movement Specialist I spend a lot of time helping people overcome problems around training and movement. I'll answer any questions you have personally and help you overcome any issues with training you may have.

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As a Founding Member you'll get access for a discounted price and keep that price forever.

  • 6 workouts in 6 days
  • High intensity, metabolic and aerobic workouts
  • Bodyweight, dumbbell & weighted bag exercises
  • Build strength, core & fitness
  • Full access to our Exercise Library
  • Online support
  • Only £20/month - save 50%
  • 30 day free trial


"Thanks to Pete's versatility and my training has completely changed and I have gained confidence in my strength and abilities. The varying levels of difficulty of an exercise demonstrated through videos assists in a bespoke workout, and are great for checking form. I only have very basic equipment; 2 kettle bells and a few weights. These are ample for the training sessions, making the workouts easy to do indoors/outdoors. The workouts are snappy but  sweaty, just how I like it, making it even easier to adhere to. I train more than ever now and starting to see results in my health, weight and strength."

- Emma Frost, UK

"As someone with limited time to train every day, this is definitely worth it. I don't have to think about planning my training, I know what I'm getting are well thought out sessions that will actually make a difference to my fitness goals. They're short, effective workouts that are easy to follow and the videos demonstrating every exercise are really useful. It's easy to train in ways you're used to but this is challenging me to look differently at my training and work out in a way that doesn't let my weak spots off the hook."

- Stephanie Ferry, UK

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